Chillara Srinivas Srinidhi is a Scrum Coach & Scrum Trainer Hand Holding for Scrum Implementation Oranizational Scrum Maturity

I am an independent coach, consultant and trainer, in the area software project management process definition plus implementation. My activities mainly involve coaching teams on Scrum and providing programe management advice. The second out of a handful of CSPs in India I have very significant experience and expertise in coaching teams and helping companies transition to Scrum.

I also maintain a blog on how to follow Scrum well.


Project Management Proficiency


High Performing Teams for s/w development organisations.

Scrum will be the principal methodology for the organisation to gain and sustain these capabilities. I also conduct training on Scrum and related topics for organisations.


  • Training
    • Introductory Scrum (one day, for whole team, including SM and PO)
    • Intermediate Scrum (one day in four sessions, only SM)
  • Hand holding for Scrum implementation (conduction of daily Scrums, SPM)
  • Guide team towards creating Potentially Shippable Product Increment
  • Impediment removal advice
  • Coaching PO
  • Coaching SM
<Micro-FAQ meaning="sharp answers to frequently asked questions">

Q: What is Scrum?

A: In the context of s/w dev, it is a radical but excellent PDCA approach of managing projects. It is currently used by many, if not most, really successful s/w project groups.

Q: How many organisations follow Scrum?

A: As with honesty, many more claim than those who actually do. Scrum while simple to define, isn't easy to follow. Many organisations have unwittingly built a bureaucracy which makes a transition difficult.

Q: Is Scrum a new fad?

A: It certainly is not new, and depends on what is meant by a fad. If a fad has no intrinsic value, Scrum isn�t a fad; If a fad is something of value, but happens to be in fashion, it is indeed!

Q: Will scrum solve my problems?

A: Almost certainly� not. It might just about solve a couple of problems, but mainly will expose underlying problems and I will help you solve them.



The diagram above outlines how coaching involvement looks for a single Scrum team, along with Scrum Master and Product Owner. Project teams transitioning into Scrum need more help in earlier sprints. Every sprint consists of sprint planning, stand-up, sprint review and retrospective. However in the first couple of sprints teams also need help with backlog grooming, team formation, and some advice on process definition.
On top of this, during the first Sprint, I play the part of the Scrum Master and quickly release this role to the designated Scrum Master in the second sprint. Therefore I spend a lot of time (upto 70%) in the first sprint with the team and management; Less involvement is warrented in the following sprints.
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